TABLE  vikingSourceRemeasurement

Contains source remeasurements based on the merged source list for the VIKING.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (sourceID)
  • (sourceID) references vikingSource(sourceID)n
  • (frameSetID) references vikingMergeLog(frameSetID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
sourceIDbigint8 UID (unique over entire VSA via programme ID prefix) of this list remeasurement;meta.main
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record meta.bib
frameSetIDbigint8 UID of the set of frames that this remeasured source comes from meta.bib
ra link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Right Ascension pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Declination pos.eq.dec;meta.main
sigRareal4DegreesUncertainty in RA-0.9999995e9stat.error
sigDecreal4DegreesUncertainty in Dec-0.9999995e9stat.error
epochfloat8YearsEpoch of position measurement-0.9999995e9time.epoch
cxfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.x
cyfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.y
czfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.z
htmIDbigint8 Hierarchical Triangular Mesh (HTM) index, 20 deep, for equatorial co-ordinates pos.eq
lfloat8DegreesGalactic longitude pos.galactic.lon
bfloat8DegreesGalactic latitude
lambdafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 1 pos
etafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 2 pos
priOrSec link to glossarybigint8 Seam code for a unique (=0) or duplicated (!=0) source (eg. flags overlap duplicates) meta.code
zmyreal4magDefault colour Z-Y (using appropriate mags) PHOT_COLOR
zmyErrreal4magError on colour Z-Y stat.error
ymjreal4magDefault colour Y-J (using appropriate mags) PHOT_COLOR
ymjErrreal4magError on colour Y-J stat.error
jmhreal4magDefault colour J-H (using appropriate mags) PHOT_COLOR
jmhErrreal4magError on colour J-H stat.error
hmksreal4magDefault colour H-Ks (using appropriate mags) PHOT_COLOR
hmksErrreal4magError on colour H-Ks stat.error
mergedClasssmallint2 Class flag based on list remeasurement prescription meta.code
zMagreal4magZ mag (as appropriate for this merged source)-0.9999995e9phot.mag
zMagErrreal4magError in Z mag-0.9999995e9stat.error
zGausigreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit in Z-0.9999995e9src.morph.param
zEllreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes in Z-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
zPAreal4Degreesellipse fit celestial orientation in Z-0.9999995e9pos.posAng
zErrBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags in Z-99999999meta.code
zDeblendint4 placeholder flag indicating parent/child relation in Z-99999999meta.code
zClasssmallint2 discrete image classification flag in Z-9999src.class
zClassStatreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic in Z-0.9999995e9stat
zppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits in Z0meta.code
zSeqNumint4 the running number of the Z
yMagreal4magY mag (as appropriate for this merged source)-0.9999995e9phot.mag
yMagErrreal4magError in Y mag-0.9999995e9stat.error
yGausigreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit in Y-0.9999995e9src.morph.param
yEllreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes in Y-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
yPAreal4Degreesellipse fit celestial orientation in Y-0.9999995e9pos.posAng
yErrBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags in Y-99999999meta.code
yDeblendint4 placeholder flag indicating parent/child relation in Y-99999999meta.code
yClasssmallint2 discrete image classification flag in Y-9999src.class
yClassStatreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic in Y-0.9999995e9stat
yppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits in Y0meta.code
ySeqNumint4 the running number of the Y
jMagreal4magJ mag (as appropriate for this merged source)-0.9999995e9phot.mag
jMagErrreal4magError in J mag-0.9999995e9stat.error
jGausigreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit in J-0.9999995e9src.morph.param
jEllreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes in J-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
jPAreal4Degreesellipse fit celestial orientation in J-0.9999995e9pos.posAng
jErrBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags in J-99999999meta.code
jDeblendint4 placeholder flag indicating parent/child relation in J-99999999meta.code
jClasssmallint2 discrete image classification flag in J-9999src.class
jClassStatreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic in J-0.9999995e9stat
jppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits in J0meta.code
jSeqNumint4 the running number of the J
hMagreal4magH mag (as appropriate for this merged source)-0.9999995e9phot.mag
hMagErrreal4magError in H mag-0.9999995e9stat.error
hGausigreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit in H-0.9999995e9src.morph.param
hEllreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes in H-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
hPAreal4Degreesellipse fit celestial orientation in H-0.9999995e9pos.posAng
hErrBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags in H-99999999meta.code
hDeblendint4 placeholder flag indicating parent/child relation in H-99999999meta.code
hClasssmallint2 discrete image classification flag in H-9999src.class
hClassStatreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic in H-0.9999995e9stat
hppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits in H0meta.code
hSeqNumint4 the running number of the H
ksMagreal4magKs mag (as appropriate for this merged source)-0.9999995e9phot.mag
ksMagErrreal4magError in Ks mag-0.9999995e9stat.error
ksGausigreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit in Ks-0.9999995e9src.morph.param
ksEllreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes in Ks-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
ksPAreal4Degreesellipse fit celestial orientation in Ks-0.9999995e9pos.posAng
ksErrBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags in Ks-99999999meta.code
ksDeblendint4 placeholder flag indicating parent/child relation in Ks-99999999meta.code
ksClasssmallint2 discrete image classification flag in Ks-9999src.class
ksClassStatreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic in Ks-0.9999995e9stat
ksppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits in Ks0meta.code
ksSeqNumint4 the running number of the Ks
Total length368