TABLE  vikingListRemeasurement

Contains the individual source remeasurements from VIKING Multiframe sets.

This table contains the individual source remeasurements originating
from image Multiframes taken for the VIKING and defined
by list-driven source remeasurements over the passbands available for that

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (sourceID,multiframeID)
  • (multiframeID,extNum) references MultiframeDetector(multiframeID,extNum)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
sourceIDbigint8 UID (unique over entire VSA via programme ID prefix) of this merged detection as assigned by merge algorithm;meta.main
multiframeIDbigint8 the UID of the relevant multiframe obs.field
extNumtinyint1 the extension number of this frame meta.number
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record meta.bib
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in VSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=K,6=H2,7=Br,8=blank) meta.code;instr.filter
isoFlux link to glossaryreal4ADUInstrumental isophotal flux counts {catalogue TType keyword: Isophotal_flux} phot.count;em.opt
isoMagreal4magCalibrated isophotal magnitude phot.mag
x tooltipreal4pixelsX coordinate of detection {catalogue TType keyword: X_coordinate} pos.cartesian.x;instr.plate
xErr tooltipreal4pixelsError in X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: X_coordinate_err} stat.error
y tooltipreal4pixelsY coordinate of detection {catalogue TType keyword: Y_coordinate} pos.cartesian.y;instr.plate
yErr tooltipreal4pixelsError in Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: Y_coordinate_err} stat.error
gauSig link to glossaryreal4pixelsRMS of axes of ellipse fit {catalogue TType keyword: Gaussian_sigma} src.morph.param
ellreal4 1-b/a, where a/b=semi-major/minor axes {catalogue TType keyword: Ellipticity} src.ellipticity
pa tooltipreal4degreesellipse fit orientation to x axis {catalogue TType keyword: Position_angle} pos.posAng
aProf1 link to glossaryreal4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 1 (can be non-integer for deblends) {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_1_profile} meta.number
aProf2 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_2_profile} meta.number
aProf3 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_3_profile} meta.number
aProf4 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_4_profile} meta.number
aProf5 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_5_profile} meta.number
aProf6 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_6_profile} meta.number
aProf7 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_7_profile} meta.number
aProf8 tooltipint4pixelsNo. of pixels above rethreshold 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Areal_8_profile} meta.number
pHeight tooltipreal4ADUHighest pixel value above sky {catalogue TType keyword: Peak_height} phot.count
pHeightErrreal4ADUError in peak height {catalogue TType keyword: Peak_height_err} stat.error
aperFlux1 tooltip real4ADUdefault aperture flux counts 1 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_1}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux1errreal4ADUError in aperture flux counts 1 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_1_err} stat.error
aperMag1real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 1 phot.mag
aperMag1errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 1 stat.error
aperFlux2 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_2}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux2errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_2_err} stat.error
aperMag2real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 2 phot.mag
aperMag2errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 2 stat.error
aperFlux3 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_3}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux3errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 3 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_3_err} stat.error
aperMag3real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 3 phot.mag
aperMag3errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 3 stat.error
aperFlux4 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_4}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux4errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 4 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_4_err} stat.error
aperMag4real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 4 phot.mag
aperMag4errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 4 stat.error
aperFlux5 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_5}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux5errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 5 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_5_err} stat.error
aperMag5real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 5 phot.mag
aperMag5errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 5 stat.error
aperFlux6 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_6}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux6errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 6 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_6_err} stat.error
aperMag6real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 6 phot.mag
aperMag6errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 6 stat.error
aperFlux7 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_7}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux7errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 7 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_7_err} stat.error
aperMag7real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 7 phot.mag
aperMag7errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 7 stat.error
aperFlux8 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_8}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux8errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 8 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_8_err} stat.error
aperMag8real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 8 phot.mag
aperMag8errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 8 stat.error
aperFlux9 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 9 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_9}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux9errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 9 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_9_err} stat.error
aperMag9real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 9 phot.mag
aperMag9errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 9 stat.error
aperFlux10 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 10 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_10}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux10errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 10 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_10_err} stat.error
aperMag10real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 10 phot.mag
aperMag10errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 10 stat.error
aperFlux11 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 11 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_11}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux11errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 11 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_11_err} stat.error
aperMag11real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 11 phot.mag
aperMag11errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 11 stat.error
aperFlux12 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 12 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_12}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux12errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 12 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_12_err} stat.error
aperMag12real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 12 phot.mag
aperMag12errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 12 stat.error
aperFlux13 tooltipreal4ADUdefault aperture flux 13 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_13}aperturephot.count;em.opt
aperFlux13errreal4ADUError in aperture flux 13 {catalogue TType keyword: Aper_flux_13_err} stat.error
aperMag13real4magCalibrated and corrected aperture magnitude 13 phot.mag
aperMag13errreal4magError in calibrated aperture magnitude 13 stat.error
petroRadreal4pixelsr_p as defined in Yasuda et al. 2001 AJ 112 1104 {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_radius} phys.angSize;src
kronRadreal4pixelsr_k as defined in Bertin and Arnouts 1996 A&A Supp 117 393 {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_radius} phys.angSize;src
halfRadreal4pixelsr_h half-light radius, calculated as the circular aperture that encloses half the total flux, which is specified as max(isoFlux,aperFlux5) {catalogue TType keyword: Half_radius}-0.9999995e9phys.angSize;src
hlCircRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecCircular half-light radius computed from curve of growth assuming petrosian flux is 90% of total flux-0.9999995e9phys.angSize;src
hlCircRadErrAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecError in hlCircRadAs-0.9999995e9phys.angSize;src
hlGeoRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecGeometric half-light radius-0.9999995e9phys.angSize;src
hlSMnRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecHalf-light semi-minor axis-0.9999995e9 
hlSMjRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecHalf-light semi-major axis-0.9999995e9 
hlCorSMnRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecSeeing corrected Half-light semi-minor axis-0.9999995e9 
hlCorSMjRadAs link to glossaryreal4arcsecSeeing corrected Half-light semi-major axis-0.9999995e9 
petroFluxreal4ADUflux within circular aperture to k × r_p ; k = 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_flux} phot.count;em.opt
petroFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Petrosian flux {catalogue TType keyword: Petr_flux_err} stat.error
petroMagreal4magCalibrated Petrosian magnitude within circular aperture r_p phot.mag
petroMagErrreal4magerror on calibrated Petrosian magnitude stat.error
kronFluxreal4ADUflux within circular aperture to k × r_k ; k = 2 {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_flux} phot.count;em.opt
kronFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Kron flux {catalogue TType keyword: Kron_flux_err} stat.error
kronMagreal4magCalibrated Kron magnitude within circular aperture r_k phot.mag
kronMagErrreal4magerror on calibrated Kron magnitude stat.error
halfFluxreal4ADUHalf the total flux (max(isoFlux,aperFlux5), used in the halfRad calculation {catalogue TType keyword: Half_flux}-0.9999995e9phot.count;em.opt
halfFluxErrreal4ADUerror on Half flux {catalogue TType keyword: Half_flux_err}-0.9999995e9stat.error
halfMagreal4magCalibrated magnitude within circular aperture halfRad phot.mag
halfMagErrreal4magCalibrated error on Half magnitude stat.error
errBitsint4 processing warning/error bitwise flags {catalogue TType keyword: Error_bit_flag} meta.code
skyreal4ADUlocal interpolated sky level from background tracker {catalogue TType keyword: Sky_level} instr.skyLevel
skyVarreal4ADUlocal estimate of variation in sky level around image {catalogue TType keyword: Sky_rms} instr.skyLevel
averageConfreal4 The average confidence level in the default 2 arcsec diameter aperture (aper3). {catalogue TType keyword: Av_conf}-99999999meta.code
ra link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Right Ascension pos.eq.ra;meta.main
dec link to glossaryfloat8DegreesCelestial Declination pos.eq.dec;meta.main
cxfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.x
cyfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.y
czfloat8 unit vector of spherical co-ordinates pos.distance;pos.cartesian.z
htmIDbigint8 Hierarchical Triangular Mesh (HTM) index, 20 deep, for equatorial co-ordinates pos.eq
lfloat8DegreesGalactic longitude pos.galactic.lon
bfloat8DegreesGalactic latitude
lambdafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 1 pos
etafloat8DegreesSDSS system spherical co-ordinate 2 pos
class tooltip smallint2 Flag indicating most probable morphological classification {catalogue TType keyword: Classification} src.class
classStat link to glossaryreal4 N(0,1) stellarness-of-profile statistic {catalogue TType keyword: Statistic} stat
psfFluxreal4ADUPSF-fitted flux {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_flux}-0.9999995e9phot.count;em.opt
psfFluxErrreal4ADUError on PSF-fitted flux {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_flux_err}-0.9999995e9stat.error
psfMagreal4magPSF-fitted calibrated magnitude-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
psfMagErrreal4magError on PSF-fitted calibrated magnitude-0.9999995e9stat.error
psfFitXreal4pixelsPSF-fitted X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_X}-0.9999995e9pos.cartesian.x;instr.plate
psfFitXerrreal4pixelsError on PSF-fitted X coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_X_err}-0.9999995e9stat.error
psfFitYreal4pixelsPSF-fitted Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_Y}-0.9999995e9pos.cartesian.y;instr.plate
psfFitYerrreal4pixelsError on PSF-fitted Y coordinate {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_y_err}-0.9999995e9stat.error
psfFitChi2real4 standard normalised variance of PSF fit {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_chi2}-0.9999995e9stat.stdev
psfFitDofsmallint2 no. of degrees of freedom of PSF fit {catalogue TType keyword: PSF_fit_dof}
SerFlux1D tooltipreal4ADU1D Sersic flux {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_flux}-0.9999995e9phot.count;em.opt
SerMag1D tooltipreal4magCalibrated 1D Sersic flux-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
SerScaleLen1D tooltipreal4 Scale length {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_scale_len}
SerIdx1D tooltipreal4 Power law index {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_index}
SerFit1DChi2 tooltipreal4 Error in 1D fit {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_fit_chi2}
SerFitNu1D tooltipreal4 No. of degrees of freedom for 1D Sersic fit {catalogue TType keyword: 1D_Sersic_fit_nu}
SerFlux2D tooltipreal4ADU2D Sersic flux {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_flux}-0.9999995e9phot.count;em.opt
SerMag2D tooltipreal4magCalibrated 2D Sersic flux-0.9999995e9PHOT_PROFILE
SerScaleLen2D tooltipreal4 Scale length {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_scale_len}
SerIdx2D tooltipreal4 Power law index {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_index}
SerFit2DChi2 tooltipreal4 Error in 2D fit {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_fit_chi2}
SerFitNu2D tooltipreal4 No. of degrees of freedom for 2D Sersic fit {catalogue TType keyword: 2D_Sersic_fit_nu}
ppErrBitsint4 additional WFAU post-processing error bits0meta.code
deprecated link to glossarytinyint1 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) detection0meta.code
objIDbigint8 Unique identifier for this detection, or default for no detection-99999999ID_MAIN_-
Total length595