TABLE  MultiframeDetector

Contains details of individual detector frames that are part of a multiframe.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (multiframeID,extNum)
  • (multiframeID) references Multiframe(multiframeID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
multiframeIDbigint8 the UID of the relevant multiframe-99999999obs.field
extNumtinyint1 the extension number of this frame0meta.number
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record-99999999meta.bib
compFilevarchar256 Filename of the compressed image of this image frame, eg. server:/path/;meta.file
julianDayNumint4Julian daysThe Julian Day number of the VISTA night {image primary HDU keyword: DATE-OBS}-99999999time.epoch
camNumsmallint2 Number of VISTA camera (1 to 16) {image extension keyword: HIERARCH ESO DET CHIP NO}-9999obs.field
deviceIDvarchar32 Device UID identifying every IR device {image extension keyword: HIERARCH ESO DET CHIP ID}NONEobs.field
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in VSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=Ks) {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO INS FILT1 NAME}0meta.code;instr.filter
runIDvarchar256 Name of CASU raw data file {image extension keyword: RUNID};meta.file
creationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYY:hh:mm:ss.sssCreation date/time of file {image extension keyword: DATE}12-31-9999??
imageExtNamevarchar16 Extension name in source FITS image file {image extension keyword: XTENSION}NONE??
bitsPerPixsmallint2FITS bitpixNumber of bits per data pixel, eg. +32 = 4 byte integers {image extension keyword: BITPIX}-9999meta.number
dataScalereal4 Scale factor {image extension keyword: BSCALE}-0.9999995e9 
dataZeroreal4 Offset factor {image extension keyword: BZERO}-0.9999995e9 
numAxestinyint1 Number of data axes; eg. 20meta.number
axis1Lengthint4 length of data axis 1 (X-axis size) {image extension keyword: (Z)NAXIS1}-99999999meta.number
axis2Lengthint4 length of data axis 2 (Y-axis size) {image extension keyword: (Z)NAXIS2}-99999999meta.number
imagePcountint4 FITS image extension required keyword (always 0 for uncompressed images) {image extension keyword: PCOUNT}-99999999meta.number
imageGcountint4 FITS image extension required keyword (always 1 for uncompressed images) {image extension keyword: GCOUNT}-99999999meta.number
detectorTypevarchar8 Detector name {image extension keyword: HIERARCH ESO DET CHIP NAME}NONE 
detRowssmallint2 Pixels in X {image extension keyword: HIERARCH ESO DET CHIP NX}-9999 
detColssmallint2 Pixels in Y {image extension keyword: HIERARCH ESO DET CHIP NY}-9999 
CIRMEDreal4 Latest estimate of background {image extension keyword: CIRMED}-0.9999995e9 
CIR_BVARreal4 Latest estimate of background variance {image extension keyword: CIR_BVAR}-0.9999995e9 
cirVersvarchar32 CIRDR Version {image extension keyword: CIR_VERS}NONE 
ditherOffsetXreal4 Dither offset X {image extension keyword: CIR_XOFF}-0.9999995e9pos;arith.diff
ditherOffsetYreal4 Dither offset Y {image extension keyword: CIR_YOFF}-0.9999995e9pos;arith.diff
lincorvarchar32 Linearity LUT used {image extension keyword: LINCOR}NONE 
nbadint4 Number of bad pixels {image extension keyword: NBAD}-99999999 
nditcortinyint1 Corrected to ndit=1 {image extension keyword: NDITCOR}0 
nCombinesmallint2 Number of images in this stack {image extension keyword: NICOMB}0 
groutedFlagtinyint1 Table has been grouted {catalogue extension keyword:  GROUTED}0 
destripetinyint1 stripe pattern removed (0/1) {image extension keyword: DESTRIPE}0 
strprmsreal4 RMS of stripe pattern removed {image extension keyword: STRPRMS}-0.9999995e9 
tpaoffreal4 Tangent point offset (RA) {image extension keyword: TPAOFF}-0.9999995e9 
tpdoffreal4 Tangent point offset (Dec) {image extension keyword: TPDOFF}-0.9999995e9 
tpnmatchint4 Number of objects used for TP offset {image extension keyword: TPNMATCH}-99999999 
skyCorrExt tooltip real4 Percentage sky correction of the detector {image extension keyword: PERCORR}-0.9999995e9??
extinctionExt link to glossaryreal4magsExtinction coefficient of the detector {image extension keyword: EXTINCT}-0.9999995e9??
skyCorrCat tooltip real4 Percentage sky correction for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  PERCORR}-0.9999995e9??
photZPCat link to glossaryreal4magsPhotometric zero point for default extinction for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  MAGZPT}-0.9999995e9??
photZPErrCat link to glossaryreal4magsPhotometric zero point error for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  MAGZRR}-0.9999995e9??
extinctionCat link to glossaryreal4magsExtinction coefficient for the catalogue data {catalogue extension keyword:  EXTINCT}-0.9999995e9??
numZPCatint4 Number of standards used in determining photZPCat and photZPCatErr {catalogue extension keyword:  NUMZPT}-99999999 
nightZPCatreal4magsAverage photometric zero point for night {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTZPT}-0.9999995e9??
nightZPErrCat tooltipreal4magsPhotometric zero point sigma for night {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTZRR}-0.9999995e9??
nightZPNumint4magsNumber of ZP in band used to calculate nightZPCat {catalogue extension keyword:  NIGHTNUM}-99999999??
medPareal4 [deg] Mean PA from N to E {catalogue extension keyword:  MED_PA}-0.9999995e9 
nbsizesmallint2 Smoothing box size for background {catalogue extension keyword:  NBSIZE}0 
tableExtNamevarchar16 Extension name of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  EXTNAME}NONE??
tableWidthsmallint2bytesRow size of source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS1}-9999??
tableRowsint4 No. of rows in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  NAXIS2}-99999999??
tablePcountint4 FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  PCOUNT}-9999??
tableGcountint4 FITS binary table required keyword {catalogue extension keyword:  GCOUNT}-9999??
tableFieldssmallint2 No. of fields per row in source FITS binary table {catalogue extension keyword:  TFIELDS}-9999??
catCreationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYY:hh:mm:ss.sssCreation date/time of catalogue file {catalogue extension keyword:  DATE}12-31-9999??
aperCorPeak tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: peak height {catalogue extension keyword:  APCORPK}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor1 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 1⁄2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR1}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor2 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 1⁄√2 core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR2}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor3 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR3}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor4 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: √2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR4}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor5 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR5}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor6 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 2√2 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR6}-0.9999995e9??
aperCor7 tooltip real4 Stellar aperture correction: 4 × core flux {catalogue extension keyword:  APCOR7}-0.9999995e9??
crowdedFlagtinyint1 Crowded field analysis flag (0 none, 1 active) {catalogue extension keyword:  CROWDED}0 
minImageSizetinyint1 Minimum size for images (pixels) {catalogue extension keyword:  MINPIX}0 
xSizeint4 X-axis size of image {catalogue extension keyword:  NXOUT}-9999 
ySizeint4 Y-axis size of image {catalogue extension keyword:  NYOUT}-9999 
coreRadiusreal4 [pixels] Core radius for default profile fit {catalogue extension keyword:  RCORE}-0.9999995e9 
skyLevel link to glossaryreal4counts/pixelMedian sky brightness {catalogue extension keyword:  SKYLEVEL}-0.9999995e9??
skyNoise link to glossaryreal4countsPixel noise at sky level {catalogue extension keyword:  SKYNOISE}-0.9999995e9??
seeing link to glossaryreal4pixelsAverage FWHM {catalogue extension keyword:  SEEING}-0.9999995e9??
avStellarEll tooltipreal4 Average stellar ellipticity (1-b/a) {catalogue extension keyword:  ELLIPTIC}-0.9999995e9src.ellipticity
avSaturLevelreal4 Average saturation level in frame {catalogue extension keyword:  SATURATE}-0.9999995e9 
thresholdIsophreal4 Isophotal analysis threshold (counts) {catalogue extension keyword:  THRESHOL}-0.9999995e9 
deprecated link to glossarysmallint2 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) multiframe detector0meta.code
decurtainRangereal4 Range of decurtain correction {image extension keyword: CURTNRNG}-0.9999995e9??
skySubScalefloat8 Scale factor applied to sky subtraction image {image extension keyword: SKYSUB}-0.9999995e9??
morphClassFlagtinyint1 Image morphological classifier flag, set if the classifier has been run. If so an object classification flag and a stellarness index is included in the binary table columns. {catalogue extension keyword:  CLASSIFD}0meta.code
smoothingreal4pixelsFWHM of the smoothing kernel {catalogue extension keyword:  FILTFWHM}-0.9999995e9 
totalExpTimereal4secondsTotal exposure time for this detector-0.9999995e9 
dribblevarchar64 Interpolation method {image extension keyword: DRIBBLE}NONE 
gainCorreal4 Gain correction factor {image extension keyword: GAINCOR}-0.9999995e9 
templRotationreal4DegreesRotation between this and template {image extension keyword: CIR_ROFF}-0.9999995e9 
abMagLimreal4mag5-sigma limiting AB magnitude for point sources {catalogue extension keyword:  ABMAGLIM}-0.9999995e9 
abSatMagreal4magSaturation limit for point sources (AB magnitude) {catalogue extension keyword:  ABMAGSAT}-0.9999995e9 
ebmvMedreal4 Median modified E(B-V) {catalogue extension keyword:  EBMVMED}-0.9999995e9 
mjdMeanfloat8daysMean MJD of all images comprising this image {catalogue extension keyword:  MEANMJD}-0.9999995e9 
Total length1003