TABLE  Multiframe

Contains details of all multiframes stored in the archive.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (multiframeID)
  • (filterID) references Filter(filterID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
multiframeIDbigint8 UID of the multiframe (assigned sequentially by the archive ingest process)-99999999obs.field
vistaRunNoint4 Original VISTA run number (from filename)-99999999meta.bib
creationDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYYFile creation date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) {image primary HDU keyword: DATE}12-31-9999time.epoch
frameType tooltip varchar64 The type of multiframe (e.g. stack|tile|mosaic etc.)normalmeta.code.class
cuEventIDint4 UID of curation event giving rise to this record-99999999meta.bib
julianDayNumint4Julian daysThe Julian Day number of the VISTA night-99999999time.epoch
fileTimeStampbigint8 Time stamp digits (from the original CASU directory name and file time stamp) for enforcing uniqueness-99999999??
filterNamevarchar16 VISTA combined filter name {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO INS FILT1 NAME}'NONE'??
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in VSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=Ks)0meta.code;instr.filter
projectvarchar64 Time-allocation codeNONEmeta.bib
telescopevarchar16 ESO telescope name {image primary HDU keyword: TELESCOP}NONE 
instrumentvarchar8 Instrument name {image primary HDU keyword: INSTRUME}NONE 
arcfilevarchar64 Archive File Name {image primary HDU keyword: ARCFILE}NONE 
utDatedatetime8MM-DD-YYYYObservation date (MM-DD-YYYY)12-31-9999time.epoch
dateObs link to glossarydatetime8 Observing date {image primary HDU keyword: DATE-OBS}12-31-9999time.epoch
mjdObsfloat8 Modified Julian Date of the observation start {image primary HDU keyword: MJD-OBS}-0.9999995e9time.epoch
equinoxreal4yearsEquinox of object position (Standard FK5) {image primary HDU keyword: EQUINOX}-0.9999995e9time.equinox
lstreal4 LST at start (sec) {image primary HDU keyword: LST}-0.9999995e9 
utcreal4 UTC at start (sec) {image primary HDU keyword: UTC}-0.9999995e9 
raBasefloat8hoursRight ascension of base position (J2000) {image primary HDU keyword: RA}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decBasefloat8degreesDeclination of base position (J2000) {image primary HDU keyword: DEC}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
raDecSysvarchar4 Coordinate reference frame {image primary HDU keyword: RADECSYS}NONE 
expTimereal4secondsIntegration time per exposure (corrected to ndit = 1) {image primary HDU keyword: EXPTIME}-0.9999995e9time.duration;obs.exposure
jitterIDsmallint2 Sequence number of jitter {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_I}-9999 
jitterXreal4 X offset in jitter pattern [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_X}-0.9999995e9 
jitterYreal4 Y offset in jitter pattern [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: JITTER_Y}-0.9999995e9 
grpNumint4 Value of 1st OBSNUM in jitter sequence (i.e. group number applied to all members) {image primary HDU keyword: JITTRNUM}-99999999 
tileNumint4 Tile number applied to all members {image primary HDU keyword: TILENUM}-99999999 
jitterNamevarchar8 Name of jitter pattern {image primary HDU keyword: JITTR_ID}NONE 
masktypetinyint1 Mask type {image primary HDU keyword: MASKTYPE}0 
naxistinyint1 # of axes in data array {image primary HDU keyword: NAXIS}0 
njittersmallint2 Number of jitter positions {image primary HDU keyword: NJITTER}-9999 
noffsetssmallint2 Number of offset positions {image primary HDU keyword: NOFFSETS}-9999 
nuSteptinyint1 Number of microstep positions {image primary HDU keyword: NUSTEP}0 
objectvarchar32 Original target. {image primary HDU keyword: OBJECT}NONE 
observervarchar64 Name of observer. {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS OBSERVER}NONE 
numDetectorstinyint1 The number of "detectors" (=image extensions in FITS file)0??
obsNumint4 Observation number {image primary HDU keyword: OBSNUM}-99999999 
obstypevarchar32 Type (BIAS|DARK|ARC|FLAT|OBJECT|SKY) {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO DPR TYPE}NONE 
offsetIDsmallint2 Sequence number of offset {image primary HDU keyword: OFFSET_I}-9999 
offsetXreal4 X offset [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: OFFSET_X}-0.9999995e9 
offsetYreal4 Y offset [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: OFFSET_Y}-0.9999995e9 
offSetNumint4 First OBSNUM in offset sequence {image primary HDU keyword: OFFSTNUM}-99999999 
offsetNamevarchar8 Name of offset pattern {image primary HDU keyword: OFFST_ID}NONE 
origfilevarchar32 Original File Name {image primary HDU keyword: ORIGFILE}NONE 
originvarchar4 European Southern Observatory {image primary HDU keyword: ORIGIN}NONE 
picoivarchar64 PI-COI name. {image primary HDU keyword: PI-COI}NONE 
previewvvarchar64 Version of previ {image primary HDU keyword: PREVIEWV}NONE 
recipevarchar8 Data reduction recipe to be used {image primary HDU keyword: RECIPE}NONE 
reqtimereal4 Requested integration time [s] {image primary HDU keyword: REQTIME}-0.9999995e9 
skyAlgorithmvarchar64 Sky estimation algorithm {image primary HDU keyword: SKYALGO}NONE 
sLevNumtinyint1 Level 0 sky {image primary HDU keyword: SLEV}0 
uStepNumint4 Value of 1st OBSNUM in ustep seq {image primary HDU keyword: USTEPNUM}-99999999 
uStepIDtinyint1 Sequence number of ustep {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_I}0 
uStepNamevarchar8 Name of ustep pattern {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_ID}NONE 
uStepXreal4 X offset in ustep pattern [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_X}-0.9999995e9 
uStepYreal4 Y offset in ustep pattern [arcsec] {image primary HDU keyword: USTEP_Y}-0.9999995e9 
wfrtypevarchar4 Mean sky frame {image primary HDU keyword: WFRTYPE}NONE 
amStartreal4 Airmass at start of observation {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO TEL AIRM START}-0.9999995e9obs.airMass
amEndreal4 Airmass at end of observation {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO TEL AIRM END}-0.9999995e9obs.airMass
esoRaMoonfloat8 Right ascension of the Moon (J2000) (deg) {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO TEL MOON RA}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
esoDecMoonfloat8 Declination of the Moon (J2000) (deg) {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO TEL MOON DEC}-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
raMoonfloat8hoursGeocentric J2000 FK5 Mean Right ascension of the Moon-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decMoonfloat8degreesGeocentric J2000 FK5 Mean Declination of the Moon-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
illumMoonfloat8 Illumination of the Moon-0.9999995e9??
raMoonTopofloat8hoursApparent topocentric Right ascension of the Moon (including precession, nutation, and annual aberration)-0.9999995e9pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decMoonTopofloat8degreesApparent topocentric Declination of the Moon (including precession, nutation, and annual aberration)-0.9999995e9pos.eq.dec;meta.main
fileNamevarchar256 the filename for the multiframe, eg. server:/path/'NONE';meta.file
catNamevarchar256 the filename of the associated catalogue MEF, eg. server:/path/filename.fits'NONE';meta.dataset
versionNum link to glossaryreal4 a version number for this frame (if available)
darkIDbigint8 UID of library calibration dark frame {image extension keyword: DARKCOR}-99999999obs.field
confIDbigint8 UID of library calibration confidence frame {image extension keyword: CIR_CPM}-99999999obs.field
flatIDbigint8 UID of library calibration flatfield frame {image extension keyword: FLATCOR}-99999999obs.field
frinIDbigint8 UID of library calibration fringe frame-99999999obs.field
skyIDbigint8 UID of library calibration sky sub frame {image extension keyword: SKYSUB}-99999999obs.field
maskIDbigint8 UID of library object mask frame {image extension keyword: CIR_OPM}-99999999obs.field
deprecated link to glossarysmallint2 Code for a current (=0) or deprecated (!=0) multiframe0meta.code
newlyIngestedtinyint1 Curation flag for internal use only (0=no, 1=yes)1??
illumFilevarchar256 File name of CASU created photometric illumination correction used on catalogue data from this fileNONE 
unfilteredIDbigint8 UID of original unfiltered frame corresponding to this filtered frame-99999999obs.field
casuVersvarchar64 CASU Release Version Number {image primary HDU keyword: CASUVERS}
obStatusvarchar32 OB status, can be 'Completed', 'Executed' (which means it has to be repeated) or 'Aborted'. {image primary HDU keyword: OBSTATUS}NONE??
esoGradevarchar4 ESO QC grade: 'A' if fully under constrains, 'B' if mostly (90%) under constrains, 'C' if out of constrains and 'R' rejected. {image primary HDU keyword: ESOGRADE}NONE??
mjdEndfloat8 Modified Julian Date of the observation end {image primary HDU keyword: MJD-END}-0.9999995e9time.epoch
totalExpTimeSumreal4 Total integration time of all exposures (s) --K TEXPSUM-0.9999995e9 
reqMaxAirmassreal4 Requested maximum airmass {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS AIRM}-0.9999995e9 
reqMaxSeeingreal4 Requested maximum seeing {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS AMBI FWHM}-0.9999995e9 
reqSkyTransvarchar64 Requested sky transparency {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS AMBI TRANS}NONE 
containerIDbigint8 Scheduling container ID {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS CONTAINER ID}-99999999 
containerTypevarchar64 Scheduling container type {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS CONTAINER TYPE}NONE 
minMoonDistreal4degRequested minimum angular distance to the moon {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS MOON DIST}-0.9999995e9 
maxMoonFlireal4 Requested maximum fractional lunar illumination {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OBS MOON FLI}-0.9999995e9 
areaIDint4 SADT Survey area ID {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT AREA ID}-99999999 
surveyIDStringvarchar64 SADT survey ID {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT ID}NONE 
maxJitSizereal4arcsecSADT maximum jitter size {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT MAXJIT}-0.9999995e9 
tileOverlapXreal4arcsecSADT tile overlap in X {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT OVERLAPX}-0.9999995e9 
tileOverlapYreal4arcsecSADT tile overlap in Y {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT OVERLAPY}-0.9999995e9 
patternStringvarchar64 SADT pattern ID {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT PATTERN}NONE 
tileRareal4HHMMSS.TTTSADT tile RA {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT TILE RA}-0.9999995e9 
tileDecreal4DDMMSS.TTTSADT tile declination {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT TILE DEC}-0.9999995e9 
tileOffAnglereal4degSADT tile rotator offset angle {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT TILE OFFANGLE}-0.9999995e9 
tileIDStringvarchar64 SADT tile ID within survey area {image primary HDU keyword: HIERARCH ESO OCS SADT TILE ID}NONE 
Total length2162