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DR1 and DR1plus Release - July 2006

The charts linked below show the status of the UKIDSS surveys in this release. DR1plus is a superset of DR1 that in addition contains data from fields that have incomplete waveband coverage as prescribed by a given survey.

A description of the data and how it is held in the archive is given in the data overview.

DR1 Release Summary

Survey No. of multiframes No. of objects in
detection table
No. of sources in
source table
Approximate depths Plots
DR1 DR1plus DR1 DR1plus DR1 DR1plus
LAS 63246 65750 12,384,698 18,878,672 4,202,729 8,721,240 Y=20.2, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2 link
GPS 57082 58849 77,044,205 192,511,728 30,564,982 141,178,984 J=19.8, H=19.0, K=18.1 link
GCS 43691 46045 10,788,032 24,594,591 3,211,061 13,264,107 Z=20.4, Y=20.1, J=19.6, H=18.8, K=18.2 link
DXS 108976 108996 5,931,901 6,229,079 298,702 595,880 J=21.3-22.4,K=20.0-21.0 link
UDS 29791 29791 192,203 192,203 96,101 96,101 J=22.6, K=21.5 link

Particular attention should be given to the following notes detailing limitations and bugs (see also generic issues and bugs noted under Known Issues):


  • In creating UKIDSSDR1, all frame sets having incomplete filter coverage have been removed (they remain in the UKIDSSDR1PLUS). This applies to all stack image, single-passband catalogue detections derived from them and merged source data. Note however that the ancestor images of these stacks (e.g. normal and interleaved frames and their corresponding confidence images) still remain in the UKIDSSDR1 database.
  • There are a variety of image defects in the pixel data that may give rise to spurious catalogue detections with unusual colours. These result from, amongst other things, residual cross-talk images and persistence images.
  • Data taken in semester 05A included in this release were processed with an older version of the CASU pipeline than the 05B data. The main differences being in sky subtraction and handling of cross-talk images.

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