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This page lists downtime (planned and unplanned) for the WSA servers. On the first Monday of each month at 10am GMT (BST April to October) the archive might be subject to interruption for general maintenance.

  • 2nd-3rd September 2019 - UNPLANNED - network outage (switch changes)
  • 10th November 2018 - PLANNED - power shutdown
  • 27th September 2017 - UNPLANNED - power outtage
  • 18th October 2016 - PLANNED - DB servers upgrade.
  • 27th-30th November 2015 - PLANNED - server room works.
  • 31st October 2015 - PLANNED - server room works, hopefully a few hours but might roll into 1st November.
  • 5th-8th July 2015 - UNPLANNED - webserver intermittently offline.
  • 5th December 2014 - PLANNED - network upgrade will mean servers are offline.
  • 9th - 11th August 2013 - UNPLANNED - one of our NAS boxes storing image and catalogues files is offline (disk27 - disk34 inclusive). Image services accessing these disks will be affected.
  • 19th - 21st April 2013 - PLANNED - afternoon onwards, work on UPS system requires electrical shutdown of server room.
  • 26th January 2013 - PLANNED - work on the University network might affect services.
  • 8th - 11th October 2012 - UNPLANNED - site wide power outage led to web servers and database servers being offline. Some services resumed as of 11am 9th October but pixel data still offline and some database. More downtime expected when the issue is fixed and we switch back from generator power to normal power.
  • 17th-18th November 2011 - PLANNED - work to site power means all servers will be down from around 17:00 on Thursday till 10:00 Friday (UK time).
  • 9th February 2011 - UNPLANNED - disk server offline, FITS and jpeg images and FITS catalogues affected. Engineers have been called, likely to remain offline till 10th February.
  • 8th February 2011 - PLANNED - From 10am work on the disk infrastructure will mean that some flat files (FITS and jpeg images and FITS catalogues) will be unavailable for a short time.
  • 25th - 29th Dec 2010 - UNPLANNED - Services offline due to network problems.
  • 16th - 21st September 2010 - UNPLANNED - Interruption to services due to meltdown of electricity substation.
  • 29th June 2010 - PLANNED - 4:30pm onwards interruption to services while work is carried out on the site's power supply. Interruption could last overnight.
  • 5th March 2010 - UNPLANNED - 8am: webserver having problems serving forms, should be fixed in a few hours.
  • 7th September 2009 - PLANNED - webserver and archive offline in the morning for a few hours (new network switch)
  • 9th July 2009 - UNPLANNED - main database server has lost a volume, switched over to other server but some logins and databases not available (eg nonSurvey and WFCAMPROPRIETY)
  • 20th June 2009 - PLANNED - webserver and archive offline in the morning for a few hours (network upgrades)
  • 6-7th June 2009 - UNPLANNED - database server down (?) affecting logins and queries. UPDATE 8/6/09: interface switched to another server but not all logins will work. Contact wsa-support if you need access urgently.
  • 4th June 2009 - PLANNED - Cross-match services will be offline between 9am and 1pm for server upgrade.
  • 18 May 2009 - UNPLANNED - Main Archive database server offline for ~1 day (reason unknown).
  • 31st January (9am) - 2nd February (9am) - PLANNED - all services will be offline to allow for essential maintenance on the server hosting environment. Services will be switched off at 9am on the Saturday morning and will remain offline for the entire weekend.
  • 2nd November - UNPLANNED - services unavailable owing to unforeseen circumstances following yesterday's power outage.
  • 31st October (7pm) - 1st November 2008 (2pm) - PLANNED - services unavailable whilst work is carried out on the site's power supply (postponed from mid-October).
  • 28th September, 5pm to 8pm - PLANNED - all archive services will be offline to enable essential works to be carried out on site power infrastructure provision (apologies for the very short notice).
  • 1st (AM) September 2008 - PLANNED - significant downtime on the external survey database server to reinstate full physical memory that failed in August
  • 7th(PM)-11th(AM) August 2008 - UNPLANNED - the database server holding external surveydata (eg SDSS) was offline and queries making use of these surveys did not execute.
  • 3rd-4th August 2008 - UNPLANNED - one of the volumes serving pixel data is unavailable and users of (multi)getImage and the archive listing might be effected.
  • 10th June 2008 - PLANNED - the web server will be down for system upgrade and hardware replacement.
  • 12th May 2008 - UNPLANNED - the web server is experiencing problems and queries cannot be performed. 10am : Server re-booted and working.
  • 29th April 2008 - PLANNED - access to external surveys/DBs eg SDSS will be affected by a server upgrade (originally scheduled for 28/4).
  • 19th February 2008 - PLANNED - the archive will be off line for a few hours in the morning while the external network is reconfigured
  • 12th December 2007 - UNPLANNED - around 11:30am webserver started to have problems communicating with the database servers, might be down for a few hours until the problem can be located.
  • 10th December 2007 - UNPLANNED - database access has been restored following the works over the weekend. However flat file and pixel data access is unavailable whilst the relevant servers are brought back up.
  • 8th-9th December 2007 - PLANNED - work on the power supply will mean the servers will be offline for the weekend
  • 4th Dec 2007 - UNPLANNED - the main database server has lost a disk volume, the interface has been switched to another server, but some databases eg nonSurvey ones will not be available.
  • 2nd-5th October 2007 - UNPLANNED - the load server database WSA is currently off line, this affects flat file access for UKIDSS and non-Survey data that has not yet been included in a release.
  • 2nd-???? October 2007 - UNPLANNED - the database server hosting external surveys eg SDSS is being worked on, this will effect cross-queries and Astrogrid DSAs.
  • 1st October 2007 - PLANNED - the database servers will be offline while hardware changes are made
  • 16th/17th September 2007 - UNPLANNED - entire archive offline due to a power outage.
  • 10th September (PM) to 12th (AM) - UNPLANNED - flat-file access unavailable due to ingest DB offline.
  • 21st-22nd July 2007 - PLANNED - the gpsSource table and its views will be unavailable for some of this period whilst the seaming flag (priorOrSec) is reset to zero (see July 3rd 2007 entry on the release history page).
  • 11th-12th July 2007 - PLANNED - the lasSource table and its views will be unavailable for some of this period whilst the seaming errors noted in the release history are fixed.
  • 7th-8th June 2007 - a volume on the server offering up bestDR3 and bestDR5 is experiencing disk errors and queries might fail.
  • 20th-21st April 2007 - PLANNED - achive server offline whilst work carried out in server room.
  • 12th-13th Fenruary 2007 - PLANNED - UKIDSSDR1plus will be down for part of this period while it is copied to another server.
  • 19th January 2007 - PLANNED - SDSS DR3 unavailable while it is moved to another volume.
  • 12-13th December - UNPLANNED - UKIDSSDR1 or UKIDSSDR1 will be offline while they are copied to another server
  • 23rd November - PLANNED - WSA servers will be taken offline around 1pm GMT for esssential network tests. Downtime is expected to be less than one hour.
  • 23rd October - PLANNED - servers still down from weekend work should come back up later today
  • 21st October - PLANNED - servers will be offline for testing of fire supression system
  • 5th-8th October - UNPLANNED - system disk failure on DB server, only effects queries using SDSS DR3 and it's neighbour tables
  • 3-5th October 2006 - UNPLANNED - mail server problems meant that users were not receiveing emails when there queries had finished.
  • 17th July 2006 - UNPLANNED - server/network errors preventing archive login
  • 1st July 2006 - PLANNED - archive servers offline all day for mains infrastructure upgrade
  • 27th April 2006 - UNPLANNED - one of image servers/disks offline
  • 24-25th April 2006 - UNPLANNED - down for apporx 1/2 day, result of power outage
  • 24-27th Feb 2006 - PLANNED - work being carried out in server room, during this time the web server will be upgraded.
  • 13th Feb 2006 - UNPLANNED - server resetting connections, reboot.
  • 7-8th Sept 2005 (AM) - webserver went offline (UPS unplugged!), SQL interface offline till 6pm.
  • 18th June 2005 (PM) - 19th June 2005 (PM) - PLANNED - work to site power being carried out

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