TABLE  SurveyProgrammes

Contains details of which programme(s) belong to which survey(s)

In general, programmes curated within the archive can belong to more than
one survey. This table contains the matrix of Programme/Survey IDs that
are associated, thereby allowing programmes to be associated with one or
more released survey products if that is required.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (surveyID,programmeID)
  • (programmeID) references Programme(programmeID)
  • (surveyID) references Survey(surveyID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
surveyIDint4 The unique identifier for the curated survey
programmeIDint4 VSA assigned programme UID {image primary HDU keyword: PROJECT}
delPropDatatinyint1 Logical flag indicating that proprietary data should be removed on release (1=yes; 0=no) ??
Total length9