TABLE  Programme

Contains details of the VISTA public survey programmes.

This table contains details of the public survey programmes undertaken
with VISTA and for which observations are stored and curated in the VSA.
Names of the tables that store information for each programme are
recorded here.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (programmeID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
programmeIDint4 UID of the archived programme coded as above
titlevarchar64 a short title for the programme, eg. "VISTA Hemisphere Survey" meta.note
descriptionvarchar256 a concise description of the programme meta.note
referencevarchar256 a web reference (URL) for the programme meta.bib
propPeriodint4monthsthe proprietory period for any data taken for this programme in months, e.g. 12 for open time. time.period
dfsIDStringvarchar64 The description used within the data flow system (i.e. the value of the appropriate FITS keyword) ??
catalogueSchemavarchar64 Script file that describes the catalogue schema ??
detectionTablevarchar64 Table name of detections ??
sourceTablevarchar64 Table name of merged sources ??
listRemeasTablevarchar64 [OBSOLETE] Table name of individual passband list re-measurements ??
sourceRemeasTablevarchar64 [OBSOLETE] Table name of co-located list re-measurements ??
mergeLogTablevarchar64 Table name of curation log for source merging ??
frameSetTolerancereal4DegreesThe match tolerance for different passband frames ??
pairingCriterionreal4DegreesThe pairing criterion for associating detections into merged sources ??
adjacentFrameTolerancereal4DegreesThe match tolerance for adjacent frames in the survey ??
neighboursSchemavarchar64 Script file that describes the neighbour tables schema for this programme ??
synopticSourceTablevarchar64 Table name of merged variable sources'NONE'??
synopticBestMatchTablevarchar64 Table name of merged variable sources'NONE'??
variabilityTablevarchar64 Table name of merged variable sources'NONE'??
mosaicToolvarchar8 Name of mosaicing tool to be usedNONE??
extractToolvarchar8 Name of extraction tool to be usedNONE??
bandMergingCriterionreal4minutesmaximum timespan over which different filters are merged into sources in the synoptic source table.-0.9999995e9 
isLowGalacticLattinyint1 Is this a low galactic latitude field (No=0/Yes=1)0 
sourceProdTypevarchar16 The product type to be used to create the source table. (stack, tile, mosaic)NONE 
epochFrameTypevarchar16 The frame type to be used for each epoch (stack, tile)NONE 
posAngleTolerancereal4DegreesThe position angle tolerance used when creating deep stacks and tiles-0.9999995e9??
synopticSetUpvarchar64 A string describing the synoptic setup for more complicated surveysNONE??
extinctionMapListvarchar32 A list of 3D extinction maps that should be matched to this
epochTolerancereal4daysMinimum separation of epochs for proper motion calculation-0.9999995e9??
doNotUseOBinfotinyint1 Don't use OB info in multi-epoch frame assignment.0 
Total length1458