Database schema file for VIKING (VIKING) catalogue data in the VISTA Science Archive. Contains SQL scripts to create the relevant tables.
vikingAstrometricInfo Contains astrometric information that will be used by BestMatch
vikingDetection Contains the individual VIKING source detections for each frame.
vikingListRemeasurement Contains the individual source remeasurements from VIKING Multiframe sets.
vikingMergeLog Contains frame set details of merged VIKING MultiframeDetector images.
vikingSource Contains merged sources from detections in vikingDetection.
vikingSourceRemeasurement Contains source remeasurements based on the merged source list for the VIKING.
vikingSourceXDetectionBestMatch Links each unique source to the best set of possible detections.
vikingTilePawPrints Contains tile<->paw-print paired detections from vikingDetection.
vikingTileSet Contains tile set details for VIKING Multiframe paw-print images.
vikingVarFrameSetInfo Contains fitting information for each frameSet.
vikingVariability Contains statistical analysis of VIKING primary sources.
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