TABLE  RequiredListDrivenProduct

Contains programmes/surveys required for list-driven co-located photometry.

This table contains the matrix of VSA programmes and external surveys
that are required to be analysed for "list driven co-located photometry",
e.g. within any given VISTA programme, or between VISTA-VIKING and VST-KIDS etc.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (programmeID,tableID,surveyID)
  • (programmeID,tableID) references ProgrammeTable(programmeID,tableID)
  • (surveyID) references ExternalSurvey(surveyID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
programmeIDint4 the unique programme ID
tableIDint4 the unique ID of the table with the source list driving the remeasurements;meta.main
surveyIDint4 the unique ID of the external survey (if applicable)
transFilevarchar16 CASU list-driven photometry tool option specifying the source of the driving list (e.g. "use=radeclist") ??
aperturereal4pixelsCASU list-driven photometry tool option specifying the fixed radius to be used for photometry ??
Total length32