TABLE  RequiredMosaic

Contains details of default mosaic image products curated in the archive.

This table contains details of all the default image mosaic products that
are curated within the archive as part of the requirements for a
particular survey. A mosaic may be made from single exposure images or
from stacks. The stacking curation task implemented within the archive
uses the information in this table to produce the required mosaics(s) for a
given programme when invoked as part of archive operations.

Required constraints:
  • Primary key is (programmeID,productID)
  • (programmeID) references Programme(programmeID)
  • (filterID) references Filter(filterID)

NameTypeLengthUnitDescriptionDefault ValueUnified Content Descriptor
programmeIDint4 the unique programme ID
productIDint4 A unique identifier assigned to each required mosaic product entry ??
namevarchar64 Name of the mosaiced product ??
descriptionvarchar256 Description of the product ??
filterIDtinyint1 UID of combined filter (assigned in VSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=Ks) meta.code;instr.filter
rafloat8degreesRight Ascension of mosaic centre pos.eq.ra;meta.main
decfloat8degreesDeclination of mosaic centre pos.eq.dec;meta.main
raExtentreal4degreesThe angular extent in RA of the mosaic image ??
decExtentreal4degreesThe angular extent in Dec of the mosaic image ??
nusteptinyint1 Amount of microstepping ??
pixelSizereal4arcsecThe final pixel size of the mosaic ??
dualFilterIDtinyint1 SEX extraction tool option to run in dual image mode UID of dual image filter (assigned in WSA: 1=Z,2=Y,3=J,4=H,5=K,6=H2,7=Br,8=blank)0meta.code;instr.filter
fieldIDint4 UID of position on sky.-99999999??
posAnglereal4degOrientation of image x-axis to N-S-0.9999995e9 
Total length367