Matched Aperture Pipeline release of VISTA Kilo-Degree Infrared Galaxy Survey (VIKING) survey with additional tables that are derived from forced photometry using a list selected using the criteria that there must be a J-band detection and both Z and Y frames. The list was generated from the VIKINGv20160406 database using the following query:

SELECT s.sourceID,s.ra,s.dec
FROM vikingSource as s,vikingMergeLog as l
WHERE l.frameSetID=s.frameSetID AND l.zmfID>0 AND l.ymfID>0 AND s.jAperMag3>0. AND (s.priOrSec=0 OR s.priOrSec=s.frameSetID)

This selection is designed to select high-redshift quasars and the forced photometry should give better colours where the flux is not enough for a 5-sigma detection.